The reasoning behind me writing is simply to bring back a lost art—or an almost lost art. Not just writing, but novels and stories. The stories that built this world; the stories we follow, enjoy, and relate to; the ones we love and remember; the ones we get lost in and venture to and experience a whole new life—a whole new destination and location. I say "lost art" because though there is no shortage of novels and stories upon fiction published and written today, there is a shortage of specifically male novels. I believe that the old-time novels are a thing of the past—but I also believe that was not the end of them.

So my primary mission is to write modern-day stories and be the example for (males in particular) millennials and gen zers not to let the art of writing novels or short stories fade away. Though I hope my writing will encourage all genders to write—I say "males" because it is predominantly female in the fiction category. I sense that in the coming years, men will not be writing because that is not how the world is seen today with technology and business. But writing is such a timeless art that it will never go away.

I have found my own love for creating stories and writing fiction. I realized non-fiction might have been the start for me, but fiction is what my heart longs for and where my soul burns most. Writing brings me peace. I plan to publish many novels and fictional stories, in hopes those who read them will create work of their own because it is others' stories that inspire me the most.