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An avid dreamer, George Oaks, finds joy, comfort, and success in his early career at a tech company in Southern California. Putting his dreams aside to climb the corporate ladder, he realizes the lack of knowledge in his role as team manager. George seeks advice from a Leadership Mentor to attain the skills needed for his position to lead his team to success. However, this is not the only area George Oaks lacks in his life; with all his focus on work, he fails to find fulfillment outside of his job, so he looks for direction from a Personal Growth Mentor who teaches him the four sectors of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. With this, George thinks he’s developed the skills for a happy life. But George’s dreams and desires to start a business don’t go away. With that, he makes the tough decision to veer off the beaten path laid down for him at his current employer and finds guidance from an Entrepreneurship Mentor who shares her wisdom on building a trusting brand and a successful company.