Joey Iannino is a writer from Lombard, Illinois. Though he never intended on writing a book in the past, he believes something has finally found him. And that something is writing. He’s had a number of unfulfilling jobs in his young professional life and recently found peace and joy in writing. With no proper schooling for English, Writing, Business, or any College degrees, Joey shows us that, to make something your mission, through perseverance and hard work, Self-Education is the highest level of education you will ever achieve. You have the ability to learn anything you desire. His focus is on personal growth, leadership, business, and finance.

Before writing, Joey had his life mapped out in detail as if he could see the future. So he thought. Living the average life of a twenty-something in the suburb of a major city, Joey was struck with a life changing event that left him with questions on where things went wrong and how to create a more fulfilling life. In his discovery, he found that life has been teaching and guiding him all along and it was his job to pay attention and learn the lessons.

And now, his journey of self-mastery has begun.